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Dark Send

Completely anonymous transactions


Master Nodes

View documentation on setting up your Masternode and making the initial 10,000 PUTEz payment



Compute Coin is a Hybrid AUX PoW / PoS blockchain, however will switch over to PoS after 1 Million blocks are mined.


Compute Coin uses an X11 algorithm meaning it encrypts each transaction 11 different ways and is resistant to ASICs


Blocks are designed to come in ever minute and minting 160 new coins.


Twice Daily Onsite Backups, Weekly Offsite Backups and Monthly Rotating Tape Backups


Since Compute Coin accesses large amounts of L1 and L2 memory on dye CPU cache, it is CPU and GPU mineable unlike a coin with a scrypt algorithm such as Litecoin that does not rely on the previous blocks to compute a hash. This will thwart off ASIC mass-production.   Read more in our whitepaper

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On Demand Per Second Billing for what software you use most. streamed to your Compute coin client anywhere in the world. Satellite relay allows you to enjoy DDoS protected streaming platforms that allows you to connect to the Internet, and to Protect your private cloud DDoS threats from anywhere in the world.

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Compute, Inc.
151 Front St, Toronto, Ontario
P: (716) 406-8069



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    Dragonheart is a minecraft remake of a Text-Based Medeival Fantasy MUD that features custom classes, and skills.

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    Picscoin is a scrypt based picture blockchain launched in 2018 that currently features Seg-wit based transactions.

About Us

Compute coin is owned by Provigen Corp. Provigen wholly owns Compute coin as well as Picscoin and OGKush as cryptocurrency investments. Provigen Corp also owns MCHub, a Minecraft Server Hosting Company that now offers pooled cryptocurrency mining services.

ComputeCoin, Compute, and PuteZ are Registered trademarks of Provigen Corp.